Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the API free for developers?
Yes! We’re working on making the signup path easier for you, too. If you’re having issues signing up for a free account — please reach out.
Is a developer account the same as a Napster streaming subscription account?
Yes, they are one in the same. If you already have a Napster Subscription, you can sign in to our developer portal with that account.
Will my API access expire if I cancel my Napster subscription?
Nope! Even if you cancel your Napster subscription, you can still build with our API.
What API version should I be using?
We always recommend you use our latest stable version.
How do I know what has changed from version to version?
Each version has a changelog. See the changelog for our latest stable version here.
How do I play Napster music inside of my app?
As of right now, the easiest way to use playback in your app is through our SDK. Documentation for the SDK is located inside of it's README on Github. You can check it out here.
Is there a limit to the number of requests I can make?
Yes, our limit is 500 requests per second per application.
Why am I getting errors and what do they mean?
First, check our status page to make sure everything looks good on our end. If our service looks stable, we recommend you next check our error definition table.
What are the legal terms and conditions of using the Napster API?
Take a look at our Developer Terms of Use.
I still don’t have the answer to my questions. Can you help?
Sure! Please post your question in our Google Group and we will answer as soon as we can!